Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas Eve Party

Xmas Baby & Xmas Tree

Every year Xmas eve, we will having a little small family gathering party in Aunty Jenny house. This year also same. But this year really a small party in Cheryl's house. Hubby and I finish work and went home very early to get prepared for the even party. Fluffy (Aunty Jenny's Dog) was sick & in hospital (pet hospital), they will go visit fluffy before teh party. So we went for a tea in Old Town before we go Subang. Actually the little Sheyanne was extremely tired coz she was awake since 2pm today. As we reached Cheryl's place, Sheyanne is not warmed up yet and like a shy girl only and stick with me and not really want to get down and walk around. But once the party begin, she started "hot" already. Hehe:) Playing peek a boo at the pillar. Playing with Uncle Boey on the sofa. Showing all her "performances"! Haha:) She consider very "geng" already! Can stay with us until 11pm. When all of us preparing to go back, me & hubby bring Sheyanne to the Car park 1st while they are packing the balance food to bring home. Once I put her on the Car seat, she fall asleep very soon - not even out from the car park yet also. After hubby reversed the car, I saw her already went to her sweet dream. Haha:) We reached home around 12am. Merry Christmas! I m also extremely tired...

Eating time!

Playing with Uncle Boey

Playing Peek A Boo

Sheyanne on Xmas Cap!

Happy Rolling on the Sofa

Sheyanne is so short! Haha:)

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Jess said...

hi, she is so cute and adorable in that dress lar... :)